2018-2019 CALENDAR

9/4-9/7           Tue - Fri                                  Teacher Set-up
9/11                  Tuesday                                  Open Houses
9/12                 Wednesday                            School in Session
9/13                 Thursday                                 Early Explorers start
9/19                 Wednesday                            Closesd– Yom Kippur
9/24                 Monday                                   Lunch Bunch in session

10/8                 Monday                                   Closed – Columbus Day
10/12                Friday                                      Fun Friday begins (subject to enrollment numbers)

11/4                 Sunday                                     Pizza Party 6-8 pm
11/12               Monday                                    Closed – Veteran’s Day
11/21               Wednesday                             Closed – Thanksgiving recess
11/26               Monday                                   School Closed
11/27               Tuesday                                   School re-opens

12/17               Monday                                   Closed – Year End Vacation  
12/17               Monday                                   Mom’s Day Off Fundraiser (subject to enrollment)
12/18               Tuesday                                  Mom’s Day Off Fundraiser (subject to enrollment)

1/2                   Wednesday                            School re-opens          
1/14                  Monday                                  Closed – Martin Luther King Jr Day
2/18                 Monday                                  Closed – Winter Break
2/25                 Monday                                  School re-opens

4/6                   Saturday                                Pancake Breakfast 8-10
4/15                 Monday                                  Closed – Spring Break
4/22                 Monday                                  School re-opens

5/16                Thursday                                Last Lunch Bunch
5/10                 Friday                                     Last Fun Friday Class
5/17                 Friday                                     Early Explorer Celebration
5/21                Tuesday                                  Last day of school for 3- and 4-day classes
5/22                Wednesday                           4-day Class Celebration
5/23                Thursday                                3-day Class Celebration

5/28-5/31          Tues – Fri Summer Camp – (fee not included in tuition)
6/3-6/7             Mon – Fri Summer Camp – (fee not included in tuition)

Conferences:  1/22, 1/28, 1/29, 1/31, have been set aside for conferences from 12:30-3pm.
Your teacher will post a sign-up sheet and alternate times may be arranged on an individual basis.
Teachers and parents can schedule other appointments during the school year if necessary. Early Explorer conferences will be set according to your child’s start date.